Road Map

Phase 1 

  • Mint! (exact date TBA)

  • 10% of the mint will be immediately donated to the Chibben vault. Afterwards 100% of all royalties generated will also go directly into the Chibben vault. This will be used for the weekly trait-based $SOL drops and giveaways to Chibben holders.

  • We will give the Chibben vault wallet address for full transparency

  • Implement weekly trait-based $SOL drops and giveaways within 24 hours after mint. The first week we will have double the amount of drops and giveaway events 

  • There will be various NFT giveaways the first week after mint, so make sure to be active in discord!

  • The giveaways are different from the weekly $SOL drops, and will be VERY fun and community oriented. Community is key, so this will be a key part in maintaining a fun and active community. So even if you don't get lucky with the weekly $SOL drops, we are going to make sure to reward active community members.

Phase 2

  • Implement staking on Chib island for users to receive $CHIB token.

  • Staking should be ready to go right after mint. 

  • The $CHIB token will be completely in house, meaning it will have no usd value attached to it and will be completely utility based.

  • The $CHIB token will be used to purchase items from our vault such as special raffle tickets, NFT auctions, bi-weekly 1 of 1 Chibben NFT raffles/auctions, merch and other various sol prizes.

  • Some giveaways will require $CHIB to participate.

  • $CHIB can also be used to acquire our gen 2 Chibben NFT, which will be 3D and metaverse accessible.

  • The use of $CHIB token will progress as the project moves on 

  • Implement the Chibben DAO.


Phase 3

  • Begin special rewards and raffles that require tickets which can be purchased with $CHIB. (Normal $SOL drops will still be happening as well)

  • Implement NFT auctions and raffles which will be bid on with $CHIB token. Some of these will be outside NFTs, some will be Chibben NFTS, and some will be special 1 of 1 Chibbens NFTS

  • We will start to do bi-weekly 1 of 1 Chibben auctions/raffles which can only be acquired with the $CHIB token.

  • Implement Chibben merch which can be purchased with $Chib or $Sol.

  • Take marketing and partnerships to the next level.

Phase 4

  • Open up the 'Chib Lab'

  • This is where you will be able to customize and modify your Chibbens. This means you will be able to remove, add or modify certain traits of your Chibben. 

  • These modifications will cost a certain amount of $CHIB depending on the trait rarity and the action.

  • There will also periodically be brand NEW traits and modifications that you will be able to purchase. These new traits will be limited time only, meaning they will only be available to be purchased for a couple of weeks, then most likely never again (They may show up again for a few weeks later on).

  • The Chib Lab uses will expand over time

hazmat yellow1.png

Phase 5

a chib - lava.png
  • Gen2 3D Chibben NFT creation and mint.

  • We want to make sure that Chibbens will be metaverse accessible, so it is important for us to create a 3D version of our Chibbens.

  • It is also very important that the gen2 Chibben NFTS look great as PFP's, so we will not rush them in order to ensure they are top quality.

  • Part of the Gen2 Chibben supply will be available to be purchased with the $CHIB token and the remaining supply will be minted to the public. Further details TBA.

Phase 6

  • The end game goal of Chibbens is to create something that has genuine long-term value. One thing we are already working on is venturing outside the digital world. We have already created Chibbens LLC and also have trademarked the term 'Chibbens'.   

  • We already have plans on something amazing we are going to do outside of the NFT world that no NFT has really done before.
    Details will emerge later on, but we cannot release much info yet, as we have first mover advantage on this and want to keep it that way.


  • What we can say is it involves real world production, and we will make sure the value from it will go back to Chibben holders. We will be working on this throughout the entire year, and will start sharing more info about it later on.