Weekly Trait based $SOL drops

   100% of royalties and 10% of mint will go into the Chibben vault, which will then be used to do the weekly $SOL drops and other fun giveaways and activities.

   Each Chibben you hold will be eligible for weekly $SOL drops and giveaways.

   You won't have to do anything other than hold your Chibben (they cant be listed for sale anywhere). Chibbens that are staked are still eligible for $Sol drops as well.

How weekly $SOL drops work

  • Each week we will take a snapshot of all Chibben holders at a random point in time (random to prevent people selling after the snapshot).

  • We will then choose at random 1 specific Chibben trait. If any of your Chibbens have this specific trait, this means you won and you will be airdropped your portion of the weekly $SOL pot. ​

  • The traits are completely random, which means the same trait could be chosen 2 weeks in a row. 

Trait Strategy 

  • Does this mean that it would be better to hold Chibbens with more traits to have a better chance at receiving the $SOL Drop every week? Not necessarily.

  • While your chances technically will be higher if you hold Chibbens with more traits, rare Chibben traits can be equally as important.

  • This is because the more rare the trait, the less total supply of the trait, which means if a rare trait is chosen, the rewards for that week will be split between less people.

  • So what will your strategy be? Going for Chibbens with different traits to increase yours odds, or collecting Chibbens with all the same traits to try and hit it big? That's up to you!


Winning Scenarios 

  • For example lets say the $SOL pot for the week is 100 SOL and a common trait is chosen. There are 100 Chibbens with this trait, which means the drop will be split 100 ways. So each person with this trait would win 1 SOL.

  • Now lets say a more rare trait was chosen for the week instead, one which only 40 Chibbens have. The drops would only be split 40 ways, and thus each winner would win 2.5 SOL.

  • This example shows how rare traits inherently have more value.

  • Also because the $SOL drops are based per trait, that means that one wallet can win more than once in the same week. For example If you have 10 Chibbens with the same trait you would win 10X. 

Give Away Info 

  • There will also be giveaways which are different than the weekly $SOL drops and will be held in our discord.

  • These giveaways will be more fun community-oriented events that will reward active community members. Some of these events will be games that we have made, such as our Chibben treasure hunt.

  • A lot of the giveaways will be nfts. Some will be outside nfts, and some will be Chibben nfts. We are pre-minting large amount out of the supply to ensure we have lots of Chibbens to give away for the future.   

  • There will also be more exclusive and special giveaways that will be offered down the road which will require $CHIB tokens to participate.