Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the mint date?

Date TBA

Q: What is the mint price?

A: Exact price TBA closer to mint (Will definitely be less than 1 sol)

Q: How does the weekly rewards and giveaways work for chibbens?

A: Check out the rewards & Giveaways page for an in depth explanation of this.

Q: What is the total supply?

A: Supply is 3500

Q: What is the utility and long term goals for chibbens?

A: Check out the Roadmap for an in depth explanation of Chibben utility and long term value.

Q: How many whitelist spots will be available 

A: 1500 whitelist spots will be up for grabs

Q: How Do I get Whitelisted

A: We are against the current insider only whitelist meta, so we are using a different method. You can fill out the form in our discord to apply for the whitelist. Anyone can apply, but not everyone will be whitelisted.
The earlier you apply, the better chances you have. We see this as the most fair way of rewarding early members while still giving everybody a chance. There will also be a certain amount of secured whitelist spots allocated to various nft projects.

Q: Is the team doxxed?

A: We will be 100% doxed to ensure trust.